I'm an artist and a graphic designer based in the Fraser Valley. I love to design things and be able to share them with others! Below you'll find some of the works I'm most proud of; feel free to check them out!

I've always loved to draw and illustrate, I've been doing so since I was in kindergarten. It was something I did for fun and still do! Graphic design has only vamped up my experience, so I can make many more things and express myself in different ways. I specialize in branding, illustration, and typography. Let's get in touch!



Vancouver Writers Fest

A reading/writing event, based in Vancouver

The VWF is a place where people can share ideas, perspectives, and stories and open themselves up to whole new worlds and ideas. Everyone has the chance to explore, experience, and see an author/speaker’s creative process, personal background, and their journey to their careers, all while expressing love for what they do. It’s an eye-opening, exciting, and inspiring experience.

Spice Kitchen

An Indian restaurant based in Abbotsford, BC.
Spice Kitchen is an Indian restaurant that was established in 2016. It's a well-recognized restaurant in the city and they have great service.

Sweet Foods

A typography specimen book about sweet foods.
One of the biggest projects in the first year of my graphic design diploma was to make a specimen book, and demonstrate the different forms of type learned throughout the course. We had the choice of picking any topic, so I stuck with something I love: sweet foods! 

A Last-Minute Case Study on Procrastination

A case study on an E-Magazine

The purpose of this project was to create an e-magazine layout that followed a 3-column layout, had a proper hierarchy, proper formatting for different devices, and
made sure that it looked aesthetically pleasing. 
This case study discusses how the original E-Magazine had some
errors and elements that didn't work out and showed

the solutions and revisions.

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